If you have a video or audio file you’d like to have transcribed, you’ll need to decide on the type of transcription you need for the purpose (i.e. verbatim, true verbatim, intelligent verbatim). You can provide me with any specific guidelines if available.

My areas of expertise: Plain everyday language, travel, Medical Affairs, customer services. Any other topics that are not overly technical (i.e. legal and medical).

Please note that I transcribe both Dutch and English. Very rarely I run into an accent that I’m not familiar enough with. In that case I’ll inform you immediately.

Some questions to expect:

– What type of transcription do you need?
– Are there any specific guidelines available?
– Does your transcription require time coding?
– Am I required to work with a specific program?

Chamber of Commerce: 77032977
VAT number: NL003151872B02