Subtitling: audiovisual translation

Subtitling is a fantastic way to share foreign video productions with a wider audience. It is a form of art with its own set of rules and requirements. Simply putting a script translation on a screen, doesn’t make great subtitles.

To give the audience an optimal viewing experience, professional translators work hard to capture the context and meaning of the original script. Besides that, they are constantly taking into account the numerous factors like reading speed and character limits, line breaks, positioning and timing. You are very welcome to provide your own guidelines and/or program, or ask me to use my own.

  • I subtitle productions such as documentaries, narrative films and TV series
  • I am also experienced in subtitle editing and quality assessment. I’ll be looking at either the linguistic or the technical aspects, or both
  • You may also contact me for transcription and time coding

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VAT number: NL003151872B02